Every drop of semen counts


Once in awhile I like to look at some sexy sites just for the visual high without masturbating. Sometimes though I have a shudder-like feeling and if I check my underwear, I notice tiny clear drops. I certainly don’t intend for this to happen, since I know that spilling seed is wrong. Are these drops really semen?

Yes. And since you willingly put yourself into the situation by looking at forbidden things, you cannot claim it is an accidental happening. Rabbi Leon Levi explains that these first clear drops of semen come from a very high spiritual place. Certainly a deeply felt repentance is called for, both for watching forbidden material and for the spilling of semen.

Also the lost souls must be rectified from the impure world of the kelipot. To enhance this repentance, Rabbi Levi recommends mikvah, and the recital of his Tikun HaYesod Yeshuat Eliahu on a daily basis. Other measures can be found in the sections on repentance and tikun in the chapters of the book, “Secret of the Brit” posted on the this website.