How to Stop Masturbating

Much of the material on this website concerns overcoming varying forms of sexual transgression including masturbation. Helpful advice for ending a habit of masturbating can be found in several other articles and in Questions and Answers.

In this article, we are presented a general guideline, including practical tips for kicking the habit and an Eleven Step Torah Plan that is certain to help if applied in a committed and fervent fashion. Continue reading “How to Stop Masturbating”

Can’t Stop Watching Porn


I realize that watching erotic Internet sites leads nowhere and makes me feel spiritually and morally corrupt, but I can’t stop. I have tried everything in order to give up the addiction – mikvahs, cold showers, jogging, learning more Torah, making vows that I would stop, trying the 12 Torah Steps, confessing my problem to a rabbi, but after a few days of going clean, I’m back at the keyboard with a frenzy. I even installed a reliable filter, but I keep punching in the by-pass code. What more can a guy do? Continue reading “Can’t Stop Watching Porn”

Pornoholics anonymous


Is this the PA support group?

The purpose of this study is to help people who suffer from an addiction to pornography on the Internet. With G-d’s help, the material presented will offer ways to break the porn addiction and to stop committing the sexual transgressions, like masturbation, that stem from it.

Hopefully the knowledge presented will allow people to regain control of their lives and direct their energies in healthier, more positive paths. Before we present the specific suggestions of, we will present an overview of Alcoholics Anonymous, and similar addiction support groups, examining their methods in order to learn whatever we can from their experience in the field.

Interestingly, one of the main principles they stress, the reliance on God, is founded on Jewish teachings. After understanding the emphasis they place on the 12 Step Program, we will present 12 Torah Steps, based on the teachings of our holy Sages. Continue reading “Pornoholics anonymous”

The prohibition of sexual fantasies

*It is forbidden for a man to engage in sexual fantasies. This applies to single men, and to married men alike. Not only is a married man not allowed to fantasize about other women, he is also not to preoccupy himself with sexual fantasies regarding his wife. Many men are lax in this matter, falsely believing that everything is permissible with one’s wife.

*It is stated in the Shulchan Aruch (Aven HaEzer, 23:3) that it is forbidden for a man to purposely cause himself an erection, or to engage in a sexual thoughts. Rather, if sexual thoughts enter his mind, he should distract his heart from vanity and occupy himself with Torah which is filled with exquisite love and charm. Continue reading “The prohibition of sexual fantasies”

Shovavim – Rectifying Sexual Transgression

Every week, Israel’s former Chief Rabbi, HaRav Rav Mordechai Eliahu, of blessed memory, put out a Torah bulletin for Shabbat, called “Kol Tzofiyech,” which is distributed to synagogues throughout the country. Since the Rabbi’s death, his sons are continuing to put out the bulletin. This one focuses on “Shovavim,” the special period of the year most conducive to rectifying the stains of sexual transgresion.

Rabbi Eliahu was one of the outstanding halachic authorities in Israel. During his prolong illness, his son, Rabbi Shmuel Eliahu, the Chief Rabbi of Safed, delivered the weekly televised lecture upon which the Torah bulletin is based.  The recent lecture is on the six-week period of “Shovavim” which begins this week. We can see from the importance that Rabbi Eliahu places on “Shovavim” that it is not something limited to Kabbalists, or a few fringe Hasidic communities, but an important and worthwhile practice for Jews everywhere.

Continue reading “Shovavim – Rectifying Sexual Transgression”

The Secret of a Happy Marriage

By Rabbi Shalom Arush. [Abridged from his book, “B’Gan HaShalom,” Chapter Seven]

Love Or Lust

It is important to understand that after the sin in the Garden of Eden, HaKodesh Baruch Hu [The Holy One, Blessed Be He] punished the woman by putting her under her husband’s charge, as it is written, “Your desire shall be toward thy husband, and he shall rule over you” (Genesis, 3:16).

The meaning of this punishment is, first and foremost, that all of a woman’s vitality and joy are dependent upon her husband. Even her efforts to get close to Hashem are dependent upon him. The more that the husband is G-d fearing, the wife will be more G-d fearing too. This is the meaning of his ruling over her, that everything in her life is dependent upon him. Therefore it follows that a husband is obligated to give his wife a great deal of love and attention, in order that she be happy and content. Continue reading “The Secret of a Happy Marriage”

What’s Wrong With A Little Pornography?


I fail to understand the great sin in looking at sexy pictures on the Internet. It doesn’t make me do anything evil. I don’t masturbate when I watch. I just enjoy seeing pictures of beautiful women.


In his book, “Nefesh HaChaim,” Rabbi Chaim of Volozhin explains that each and every Jew is a miniature Mishkan (Tabernacle), connecting us to all of the spiritual worlds of the universe. Continue reading “What’s Wrong With A Little Pornography?”

Looking at naked women, and masturbating just about every day


For some time now my Torah studies and prayers have been without any enthusiasm and joy. I feel that G-d isn’t inside me at all. When I read some of the things on this site, I suddenly understood where the problem was stemming from – looking at women, fantasizing about them, and masturbating just about every day. I understand that all of these things are prohibited, but it would help me to understand more clearly why they are so harmful to my Judaism and feeling close to G-d.

Continue reading “Looking at naked women, and masturbating just about every day”

What Makes Me Watch Pornography?


Just a little bit more, then I quit forever!

Time and again, I have tried to stop watching pornography on the Internet, but a day later, and sometimes after just a few hours, I’m back at the keyboard, unable to withstand the urge, as if compelled by some kind of magnet whose strength is far greater than mine. Can you tell me what’s at the root of this, and what I can do to stop?


The very strong pull to gaze at forbidden images on the Internet is rooted in the “yetzer hara,” the evil inclination inside every person. This powerful and unholy force has been around since the beginning of time. The Sages of the Talmud teach that “the eyes see, the heart desires, and the body carries out the sin.” Continue reading “What Makes Me Watch Pornography?”