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Pretty Woman Question: I am not suggesting that your Torah sources are in error, but it seems to me that you have exaggerated with all of your fire and brimstone warnings. I can see a movie, or see sexy pics on the Intrnet, go to a crowded beach, or spend a day with a pretty woman and never experience a wet dream or the desire to masturbate. I am sure this is true for most men, not only me.   Read more...

I Failed Again! Question: I have been struggling with masturbation for some time. 3 months ago I did heartfelt Tshuva and did not sin since. However, slowly over the past 3 months I would occasionally gaze at improper websites (again), but still stayed in “check”...Unfortunately, last night I sinned...   Read more...

Chofetz Chaim on Tikun HaBrit Question: You seem to emphasize a Kabbalistic approach to “Tikun HaBrit.” What’s a more mainstream approach to the issue? Answer: In answer to your question, we will quote from the writings of the Chofetz Chaim who compiled the halachic compendium, the “Mishna Berurah.” He indicates that the principle rectification for Tikun HaBrit is through the study of Torah:   Read more...

How Important is the Wife's Pleasure Question: I have heard that a husband should try to give his wife pleasure.  Does that mean to make her have an orgasm orto just be sensitive to her needs without necessarily bringing her to orgasm? Withus, it can take ages before my wife feels relaxed enough to enjoy things. Canthe husband massage her organ with his fingers in order to give her pleasure?Also, sometimes I notice a that a drop of clear fluid comes out of my membereven before relations begin, as if it is some kind of natural lubricant. Isthis considered like the spilling of semen in vain?   Read more...

Video: Near Death Account of Life After Life PDF Print E-mail
Written by Michael   
Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The following video is an intense first-person account of a Jewish secular Israeli who died in a hospital during efforts to resuscitate him on July 20, 2005. He tells the story of what he experienced as his soul left his body. It is a detailed account with references to the spiritual damage caused by masturbation and other misuse of man's sexual prowess.

After watching it, a person should rejoice at having been given the opportunity to see it, and strengthen himself in the study of Torah, the daily recital of Psalms and Tikunim, and guarding his eyes. With that, a person must recognize that the battle for control over one's sexual drive is not won in a single day, and Hashem knows this. So a person must pray daily for Divine assistance and rejoice over the fact that he wants to get closer to Hashem, even if he has setbacks on the way.

Rebbe Nachman says that there is no despair in the world at all. You can start over every day, if need  be, and tell Hashem how you want more than anything else to get close to Him.

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