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Secret of Brit Book - Chapter 5: Rectify The Brit II
Written by Michael   
Tuesday, 09 May 2006

The Road To Rectification

5. Tikunim

While the cleansing power of the Torah is vast, Torah learning, in and of itself, does not necessarily uproot the deep stains caused by transgression to the Brit. As we learned, to rectify sexual transgressions, a focused, pinpoint tshuva is needed.

The revered and holy Kabbalist, Rabbi Yaacov Abuchatzera, z’tzal, of Morroco, grandfather of the saintly Baba Sali, wrote in his commentary on the Torah that the frightening warnings and tribulations described in the Torah portion, Bechukotai, have their root cause in transgressions of the Brit:

“The early and later Torah authorities stated that the majority of major tribulations that men suffer, whether pestilence, famine, or war, the majority stem from transgressions against the Brit.... Therefore, if a man comes to serve G-d, he should first properly rectify blemishes to the Brit, and afterward begin to serve G-d. And it is all of the transgressions against the Brit, and the evil occurrences that stem from it, that are hinted at in the admonishments of this Torah portion. And the things that are written, “But if you will not hearken to me...” (Vayikra, 26:14,) and, “and if you despise My statutes...” (ibid,) does not mean that they do not perform any commandments, nor study the Torah. Rather, even though they study Torah and observe the commandments, the principle thing is missing, because the Brit, which is the main thing, is blemished and they did not rectify it. And since the Brit is blemished, and was not rectified, everything is considered as being nullified and non-existent.”

In order to assist the penitent in his path of rectification, masters of the Kabbalah composed special prayers called “Tikunim” which have the power to erase the blemishes caused by sexual transgressions, and to rectify the souls that fell into the realm of impurity through the spilling of semen in vain. These prayers, when recited with heartfelt remorse,  repair the damage caused to all spiritual worlds, by rectifying the sefirah of Yesod, which, as we learned, is the all-encompassing channel of Divine illumination and blessing. These Tikunim include:
  1. The “Tikun HaYesod” of holy Gaon, Rabbi Yosef Chaim, z’tzal, also known as the Ben Eish Chai.
  2. The “Tikun Clalli” of the holy Tzaddik, Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, z’tzal.
  3. The “Tikun Yesod Yeshuat Eliahu” of the holy Tzaddik and Kabbalist, Rabbi Eliahu Leon Levi, shlita.
  4. The Kaballistic version of “Pitom Haketoret,” as formulated by the Ari HaKadosh.

These unique and profound Tikunim, when incorporated into a penitent’s daily regimen of prayer and Torah learning, have the ability to purify the deepest recesses of the soul, and to free a person from the mistakes and temptations of the past. The verses of the prayers, the Divine names they contain, and their Kaballistic codes act to obliterate the klipot, or shells of impurity,  created through the emission of semen in vain and other sexual transgressions. This serves to liberate the penitent from the invisible, destructive influences which these negative spiritual forces have on his life. In awakening hitherto dormant powers of holiness, these tikunim also strengthen the penitent to overcome the temptations and challenges of the future. In addition, they serve as a lifeline, providing an important sense of security. For, if a person should weaken in the battle against the evil inclination and fall back to erring ways, he knows he has a ladder with which he can climb back up out of the imprisoning clutches of sexual sin. The prolific author and lecturer, Rabbi Yisrael Hess, z’tzal, counseled thousands of young people throughout Israel, most notably at Bar Ilan University where he taught for many years. In an essay on Shmirat HaBrit, he emphasizes the importance of relying on the secrets of Kaballah to purify a person from the pollution and darkness of spilling semen in vain:
“The sin of spilling semen in vain is, at the same time, a transgression like all Torah transgressions, and yet much more severe in its devastating influence, in that it causes deep and high reaching damage, far greater than other prohibitions of the Torah. Because of this duality, we cannot understand the magnitude of this transgression and its powerful influences according to standard explanations. Rather, our understanding must come from the inner explanations of the Torah, from the spiritual realm that extends beyond our ordinary physical orientation. This understanding derives from powers that are beyond human intellectual reasoning, which are found in the world of Kaballah.“Within the physical drop of semen emitted from our material bodies is to be found a Divine creative power hidden from our eyes, beyond our conceptual understanding, beyond our ability to create it ourselves.
“When we recognize this wonder, it becomes clear that the rectification of any blemish to this Divine essence cannot be among the ordinary paths of correction that we are familiar with. We cannot even understand how or why a particular tikun works to rectify the transgression, or how some particular advice can make whole what was blemished and erase the damages incurred.

“With the help of G-d, when we merit to increase our learning and knowledge, when we fill ourselves with Torah and faith, with the fear of G-d, and with greater purity, then we will merit to fathom what is hidden from us now... Until then, our desire to emerge from our quandary and to improve ourselves, brings us to proceed forward with the willingness to bow our heads and submit to the giants of the inner workings of the soul, the masters of Kaballah. In doing this, may there be a balancing atonement – a sin that we committed wantonly, without thinking about its consequences will be rectified through tikunim that are beyond our thinking processes and intellectual grasp.” (Essay on Shmirat HaBrit, in the book, “V’Hayitem Kidoshim,” Pgs.150-151.)

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