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Secret of Brit Book - Chapter 5: Rectify The Brit II
Written by Michael   
Tuesday, 09 May 2006

The Road To Rectification

6. Mikvah

Immersion in a mikvah is an essential part of the purification process. With each immersion, thousands of klipot, or shells of impurity,  are drowned in the mikvah’s spiritually cleansing waters. When one remembers that with each emission of semen, hundreds of thousands of souls are released and imprisoned by the realm of impurity, one can appreciate the great number of tikunim and tevilot (immersions) needed to rectify the damage. The atonement over sexual sins, as we learned, is not a onetime thing. Little by little, the darkness that surrounded the soul begins to disappear and a powerful, holy light fills the penitent with a new sense of being. 

Starting out each day at the mikvah is a wonderful thing. If this is too difficult, then a regimen of immersion several times a week is excellent as well. Immersion in a mikvah before Shabbat and the Jewish holidays will help a person experience their profound spiritual light. For married men, a visit to the mikvah before and after marital relations is important in maintaining a high level of holiness in one’s marriage.In letting lusts and fantasies overcome us, we heated our passions and our bodies and brought ourselves to sin. Immersion in a cold mikvah is a remedy for this. However, since many people are sensitive to cold water, this should only be done when it will not impinge on a person’s health. Immersion in a warm mikvah is effective as well. 

In the case of spilling semen in vain, whether willfully or inadvertently, a person should shower thoroughly and immerse in a mikvah as soon as one can. Rabbi Eliahu Leon Levi, shlita, advises that a person should immerse his whole head and body in the water three times in succession, then confess his wrongdoings, make a commitment not to continue in his errant ways, and then immerse another seven times in succession. It is also proper to have in mind that while one’s body is completely immersed in the purifying waters of the mikvah, his soul root is concurrently being immersed in the purifying waters of Gan Eden above.

Because it is also forbidden to look at a man’s sexual organ, a person should behave with modesty in a mikvah. He should wrap himself in a towel to and from the immersion pool, and he should guard his eyes from looking at other men. It is best not to talk in a mikvah, and not to linger unnecessarily. Also, as in the case of all other tikunim, one should be especially happy after immersing in a mikvah, knowing that G-d is surely pleased with his efforts. But one should guard against feelings of pride, since the poison of pride can nullify all of the positive effects of tshuva.

If a person immerses after a keri,  HaRav Levi further advises a half-day fast and the heartfelt reciting of the “Tikun HaYesod, Yeshuat Eliahu.”

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